Adrenaline’s Kingpins participate in Dover Bowl-a-Thon

Company’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire office boasts six teams to raise funds for at-risk youth in the local community

Monday, February 24, 2020 – Bowling enthusiasts from all over the seacoast came together to support the Dover Children’s Home in the 12th annual Dover Bowl-A-Thon on Sunday, February 16, 2020. Showing off their spirit and scoring skills, Adrenaline gathered six teams of family and friends who collectively raised nearly $3,400 for critical community programs of the Dover Children’s Home. This cornerstone of the community has provided treatment, housing and educational services to New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children and teens since 1893. 

At the annual competition, it isn’t just strikes and spares that separate the winners from the also-rans. Crews also compete every year in team challenges for the highest score, fundraising, and the best themed costumes. So even if you’re a gutter-baller, you still have another shot at team glory. Here again, Adrenaline reigned supreme. The Best Theme Wear Award went to Scared Splitless; High Score Total went to the Strike Club at 465; and Highest Fundraising Total of $1,170 went to the esteemed Team 3. What a way to show some spirit!

Adrenaline’s Kingpins Participate in Dover Bowl-A-Thon

Lynda McPhee, Adrenaline’s team coordinator for the Bowl-A-Thon says everyone in the company looks forward to this annual event. She says, “This year, we had a record number of teams participating, along with a record donation. Our team members really understand the meaning of community. They bring together friends and family to show how much they care. It really is such a fun and festive way to support this special organization that does so much for youth in New Hampshire.” Don’t wait until next year’s Bowl-A-Thon. Visit Dover Children’s Home to find out how you can help.

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