Adrenaline’s ITM Research & White Paper Featured in the Credit Union Times

In “ITM Growth Expected as Consumers, FIs Report Satisfaction,” CU Times outlines key findings, including consumer and institutional satisfaction and core integration considerations

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – In the recent article on ITM Growth, the Credit Union Times spotlights Adrenaline’s original research on interactive teller machines (ITMs) and their expected expansion. Based on a survey of 500 U.S. customers and members and 364 U.S. bank and credit union leaders, the Adrenaline study gives a holistic picture of this powerful self-directed banking tool. The study finds 84% of all consumers somewhat, very or extremely satisfied with their experience. Further, CU Times says, “Adrenaline found 86% of millennials ‘very comfortable’ using ITMs and even 72% of consumers over 55 were,” with 31% of all consumers preferring an ITM over a branch visit.

Given such high satisfaction among all consumers, CU Times reports that the study finds six out of ten financial institutions planning to deploy ITM technology in the next three years, with core integration a key decision. “When fully integrated with (the) core, the technology becomes truly self-service, with customers and members able to complete most transactions on their own – but may choose to connect with a teller,” according to the article. “Without full core integration, ITMs still deliver high efficiency and customer experience, but require more FTE remote teller support since the video teller is completing the transaction on behalf of the customer.”

In addition to core technology, financial institutions say questions over where to locate ITMs represents a signification decision for successful deployment. “The report listed another ITM challenge as identifying locations for installation, with 63% of industry respondents naming the process of assessing the most suitable location on a branch site as an implementation challenge,” according to CU Times. “And 54% naming identifying branch locations where ITMs are feasible as an implementation challenge.” But overcoming such challenges is worth it. As CU Times reports, “Of institutions that have deployed ITMs, 75% reported better overall outcomes.” 

For all of CU Times’ coverage of Adrenaline’s ITM research and white paper, read the full article “ITM Growth Expected as Consumers, FIs Report Satisfaction.” Credit Union Times is a digital publishing platform featuring comprehensive, independent credit union news from across the industry. The site provides credit union leaders with the insights and information to help them “better run their institutions and better serve members.”

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