Adrenaline’s Gina Bleedorn to Deliver Keynote at the Upcoming Future Branches Conference

Company’s CXO brings her branching expertise to the keynote “Smarter Branching: How to Maximize the Branch Channel for Growth” and transformation specialists on site for consultations

Thursday, November 18, 2021 – At their upcoming conference in Austin on December 6-7, 2021, Future Branches is bringing together senior-level retail and branch operations leaders to learn about transformative changes taking over the branch. With COVID as a catalyst, customer expectations are pushing banks to embrace change. This two-day event spotlights practical approaches for making the most of the branch banking channel with a balance of experience for consumers and efficiency for institutions. The conference delivers exclusive thought leadership through a series of presentations, panels and high-level keynotes on the evolving role of the branch. 

In her keynote, Smarter Branching: How to Maximize the Branch Channel for Growth, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer Gina Bleedorn discusses the continuing critical role of the branch. She says, “While there’s no doubt that digital adoption has transformed the consumer banking experience, the branch continues to be the locus of longer-lasting and more valuable relationships.” Data from Insider Intelligence bears this out, finding that branch account openings have 50% lower customer attrition and 7-10% higher balances than those opened digitally. That’s why 97% of financial institutions plan to redesign their locations in the next two years.

But how do you make the best decisions about where to go and what to deploy with so much complex and competing data at your disposal? This session will help decision-makers translate the right data into the smartest actions, to transform the physical channel and uncover the greatest potential in the branch network. The keynote will address: smart expansion into new markets while optimizing existing footprint; using data from existing physical site conditions and people’s activity in and around them; and leveraging mobility data on branch visitation trends, demographics, dwell, and visitor origin for acquisition and cross-sell.

The end result is a holistic approach that takes data insights from the current branch state and future business potential and transforms it into a powerful action plan, unleashing the greatest potential across your branch network. 

To learn more about maximizing the branch channel for growth, register today and use FB21ADRENALINE to get 25% off. Want to learn more? Our branch transformation experts will be on site at Future Branches, so be sure to stop by the Adrenaline booth in the Innovation Hub.

For information and insights on decision-making from the brand to the branch, visit Adrenaline’s Insights channel and see Believe in Banking for the latest data on branch banking. To speak with one of Adrenaline’s branch experts about developing an optimization plan for your network, contact us at

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