Adrenaline’s Fall Service Activities Benefit Hunger Initiatives

Mac Off and Can Construction support New Hampshire Food Bank’s mission to feed the hungry

Thursday, November 7, 2019– This fall, Adrenaline’s Portsmouth, NH office dedicated their time and talent to the hunger-eradication activities of the New Hampshire Food Bank and their partner agency, AIDS Response Seacoast. Dedicated to making the most of human experiences, Adrenaline extends their passion for the human connection by providing Day of Service volunteer opportunities for their employees to take part in meaningful community-service during their work hours.

Lynda McPhee, senior program coordinator for Adrenaline, says, “Food pantries are essential resources in our local communities and our team of passionate Adrenalites wants to help fill those pantry shelves. Through the Mac Off and Can Construction, our team lent a hand to get food to people who need it. We continue to have a positive impact on our local community with our fundraisers and Day of Service activities that help stock the food banks for people right here in New Hampshire.” 

Adrenaline’s Fall Service Activities Benefit Hunger Initiatives

On September 27, Adrenaline sent teams to the New Hampshire Food Bank for their sixth annual Mac Off, contributing their Mac & Cheese packing skills to an effort that resulted in tens of thousands of packed meals for families in need. Rounding out their Hunger Action Month activities, Adrenaline’s team of creatives designed and built a Can Construction display to represent New Hampshire in their own unique way with can donation to AIDS Response Seacoast through the food bank’s partner program.

Linda McPhee described the efforts as nourishing for the soul. She says, “There are so many good people at Adrenaline. It’s really in our culture to want to give back. Our team members are passionate about people and the company gives us the opportunity to act on that passion in numerous ways. The way I see it, Adrenaline provides the avenue for giving and our employees provide the kindness.” To find out how to get involved, contact the New Hampshire Food Bank.

Adrenaline’s Fall Service Activities Benefit Hunger Initiatives

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