Adrenaline’s Bethany Lewis Authors Byline for Bank Director

In “Solving for Blind Spots in Bank M&A,” the company’s Director of Sales Strategy and Operations shares her insights on the baking industry’s major driver of change

Thursday, August 11, 2022 – In her recent Bank Director bylined article, Adrenaline’s Bethany Lewis describes three core considerations during the M&A process, especially important now as banking leaders are in their mission-critical strategic planning sessions for 2023. With insights on Reducing Risk, Enhancing Efficiency and Targeting Growth, she outlines approaches to ensure that banks of all sizes are in the best position to increase their influence and scale their organizations.

One core way to reduce risk is by using data. “Well-designed research programs are table stakes for successful M&A,” Bethany writes. “Data on markets and prospects will give decision-makers insights beyond their customer base.” Even in a bank’s own markets, data provides a true picture of opportunity and risk. “Smart data will also help uncover if another financial company uses similar branding and overlapping media.”

Data also informs efficiency by helping bank leaders discover whether their brands and names bring “unneeded baggage” or other market or awareness issues. “Having a brand that requires exhaustive explanation can be an opportunity cost,” Bethany says. “Resulting in time not spent focusing on a prospect’s needs and the bank’s options for meeting them.” Well-rounded research will help identify hurdles to overcome both legally and reputationally.

Finally, smart growth relies on data, activating it to “uncover opportunities, eliminate friction and help distinguish, define and differentiate their brands.” Research insights help predict potential problems with brands, but they also help with an organization’s retention and engagement programs. Bethany says, “A comprehensive data set is indispensable to help ensure organizations aren’t operating on biases and blind spots.”

For all of Bethany’s insights, read Bank Director’s full article “Solving for Blind Spots in Bank M&A.” Bank Director is an informational resource to the financial community. Since 1991, the publication has spotlighted strategic issues important to C-Suite, senior leadership teams, chairs of the board and independent bank directors. The organization also hosts the annual Acquire or Be Acquired conference focused on mergers and acquisitions in banking. 

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