Adrenaline Supports Book & Buddy Project for Foster Children

Holiday drive benefits Seacoast District Office Division for Children, Youth and Families

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 – This holiday season, Santa’s little helpers in Adrenaline’s Portsmouth, NH office donated and delivered 112 sets of books and buddies for local foster children. During what can be a challenging time of the year, the gift of books and associated characters provides children with the joy of reading and a sprinkling of holiday magic. Dedicated to supporting families in transition, the DHHS Division for Children, Youth and Families holds an annual holiday party where children receive their gifts.

Lynda McPhee, senior program coordinator for Adrenaline, says, “Our business is focused on making the most of the human connections for our clients, and our people consistently show their human kindness and connection through our community service activities. We have big-hearted people working here; people who truly get joy out of giving back. I’m so glad that our team’s generosity in the Book & Buddy drive will result in a happier holiday for kids.” 

Adrenaline Supports Book & Buddy Project for Foster Children

Upon receiving Adrenaline’s donation, Debora R. Melanson with the DHHS Division for Children, Youth and Families, reached out to share, “Just a quick note to say I am so overwhelmed with the wonderful books and buddies you all dropped off yesterday. We are working like happy elves to ensure they find loving homes for the holidays. Please share my joy and thanks with your team. This is a difficult time of year for the little ones we work with and this will bring joy to many, many little faces!” 

Championing community involvement, Adrenaline is dedicated to supporting its employees at work and in life. The company provides outlets for involvement through day-of-service opportunities and community initiatives like in-office donation drives. 

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