Adrenaline Releases Phase II of Research on Self-Service Technology

ITM Insights uncovers how financial institutions are meeting consumer demand and delivering a balance of efficiency and experience in banking

Thursday, September 16, 2021 – Following up on its research on consumer attitudes about self-service technology in the first quarter of 2021, Adrenaline has released topline findings for the second phase of its original research examining the drivers, objectives, perceptions, and experiences of financial institutions that have deployed self-service interactive teller machines (ITMs) as part of their branch network. Surveying 264 banking professionals, the research reached across organizations and incorporated decision-makers – including C-suite, facilities, marketing, branch management, and IT – to uncover ITM challenges, insights and strategies. 

“Despite entering the market nearly a decade ago, our survey found that most ITMs have been deployed across branch networks within the last five years,” according to Juliet D’Ambrosio, Adrenaline’s managing director of strategy. “For financial institutions, the benefit is clear – this self-service technology serves as a bridge between the physical and digital, improving customer experience and increasing revenue per customer. It can serve dual purposes – automating routine banking activity while providing access to bankers for higher-value consultations.” 

ITM Research – Objectives

Financial institutions do have some hurdles to overcome as they determine whether and how to invest in the technology. “When making the decision to deploy self-service technology, we found that their concerns range from return on investment (ROI) to customer adoption and uptake” says Juliet D’Ambrosio. “But once financial institutions begin deploying them, those concerns really begin to fall away.”

This self-service technology serves as a bridge between the physical and digital, improving customer experience and increasing revenue per customer.”
– Juliet D’Ambrosio, Managing Director of Strategy at Adrenaline

In terms of how self-service technology will serve customer needs, FIs report ITMs address a variety of transaction types, including payments, disputes, account management, and new account openings. Juliet D’Ambrosio says, “Notably, these institutional findings correspond with how consumers report their own usage, so they’re meeting consumer demand. Even more, consumer and institutional data both demonstrate ITMs’ ability to successfully migrate teller transactions, so they’re not just glorified ATMs.”

ITM Customer Utilization

To request a copy of the full ITM Insights or to speak with one of our thought leaders on the data findings, contact Lynn Harris Medcalf at Also be sure to stay tuned for additional ITM research and industry insights to be featured on Adrenaline’s Insights channel and Believe in Banking, along with an upcoming white paper for financial institutions as they make decisions about deploying self-service technologies.

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