Adrenaline Leaders Present at ABA Annual Convention

Ben Hopper, Managing Director of Retail Strategy, and Chris Howe, Design Principal, join Fiserv to present “Calculating the Benefits of Branch Modernization,” featuring fresh insights and best practices in branch transformation

Thursday, September 8, 2022 – From October 2-4 in Austin, TX, the American Bankers Association (ABA) Annual Convention is bringing together banking leaders from across the country to tackle topics impacting the future of financial services. The conference will feature trends forecasts, business strategies and solutions, policy insights, and inspirational examples – all in a city known for championing the cutting edge. With visionary keynotes and insightful sessions, attendees will come away informed and motivated to put what they learn into practice. 

On Monday, October 3, Adrenaline’s Ben Hopper and Chris Howe will join Fiserv’s Terry Johnson to explore branch transformation. In “Calculating the Benefits of Branch Modernization” the three will share the latest branch data and how implementing efficiencies, like interactive kiosks and cash recyclers, generate measurable and significant improvements for institutions. Armed with real-world examples, attendees will see how banks can enhance staff efficacy, onboarding and revenue, and at the same time, deliver higher customer and staff satisfaction.

“Efficiency at the branch is job #1 for most financial institutions,” says Ben Hopper, Adrenaline’s Managing Director of Retail Strategy. That’s because the cost of running a branch is one of the highest institutional investments a bank can make. But he says, “There are real opportunities when you free up staff from processing transactions and move them closer to the customer.” Using technology tools helps financial institutions evolve to match consumer expectations for branch experiences – building better futures for customers and institutions, alike. 

The ABA Annual Convention is a conference produced and presented by the American Bankers Association, a membership organization that represents banking institutions of all asset sizes and charter types. ABA members turn to the organization for education, advocacy, tools, and insights they need to succeed in banking today.

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