Adrenaline Connects at Financial Brand Forum

World’s largest financial marketing gathering showcases the brainpower behind banking’s best brands.

As presenting sponsors, Adrenaline joined the best financial industry marketers at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas from May 17-19. This premiere conference is the largest gathering of financial marketers in the world with three days of sessions highlighting the industry’s leading edge innovations and transformations. In attendance were 1,500+ banking and credit union industry executives from more than 600 institutions. These organizations collectively represent $800 trillion in assets and have marketing budgets totaling $13.2 billion.

Adrenaline’s involvement with The Financial Brand goes back several years, with previous presentations including live bank brand makeovers and sponsored networking sessions. This year, the company that specializes in Experiences Made Real wanted to lift the veil on the some of the ideation and creativity that go into their process of elevating bank brands. The company’s Insights piece last week addressed the process of uncovering Blue Ocean opportunities that differentiate brands from their competitors. These differentiators allow bank brands to develop a rallying cry to unite the bank, its customers and employees, and the community.


Adrenaline’s brand strategy workshop Differentiating in a Sea of Sameness had the highest overall attendance of the afternoon sessions with nearly 200 participants. Linda Bennett, Adrenaline’s Marketing Director said, “Many participants who wanted to continue conversations with us following the workshop were interested in our culture solutions. They felt we hit home in the workshop by focusing on organizational values and how that translates not only into a firm brand strategy, but also a powerful foundation for company culture. They see branding as much more than colors and logo and our workshop helped them uncover a much deeper meaning to find and define their brand purpose.”

Adrenaline also had meaningful one-on-one conversations at their booth in the exhibitor’s hall. The week before Brand Forum, the agency sent out a direct mail piece inviting attendees to come by and test their chemistry. These pH strips were dipped into a special solution to reveal a message. There were hundreds of visitors dropping by to engage with the company. Adrenaline’s newly produced demo reel was playing, as well, showcasing work samples and best practices in finance and other industries. Another hit was the Thinking Putty giveaway item that participants could use to “Shape Your Brand” while reflecting and ideating on higher level thoughts.

For more information about Adrenaline’s workshop and to download a workbook, visit What’s Your Blue Ocean in Adrenaline’s Insights section. To learn more about how Adrenaline can help your brand, contact

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