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Monday, March 6, 2023 – At the turn of the New Year, Valley Bank unveiled their unique, large-scale, curved-surface digital signage at their Fifth Avenue flagship branch, positioning the institution to stand out in the competitive New York banking market. Now, the regional banking leader and their signage partner Adrenaline are getting considerable recognition in the digital signage industry’s leading publications. Sixteen: Nine has covered the Valley Bank story in a recent article, noting the smart strategy behind the beacon. Coverage from the AV Network’s System Contractor News states that the digital signage “shines bright on the New York City streets.” And Digital Signage Today reported on the bank’s use of “digital flair” as a differentiator among the visuals vying for people’s attention on the busy streets of New York.

In the article about Valley Bank’s signage, Dave Haynes of Sixteen-Nine shares his thoughts on Valley Bank’s unique inside-out signage strategy. “I think this is smart on a bunch of levels,” he says. “There is a lot more cost initially and ongoing to put an LED display outside, as well as, I’m assuming, getting the necessary permits.” He describes the inside environmental controls that allow the screen to do double-duty. “It also means the screen is an architectural/ design element, and not just a big display visually yelling at people.” Even more, he describes the pixelated staccato image is both functional (for cost savings) and artful (visually appealing).

In System Contractor News, the AV Network staff covers the news announcement, saying the 70×6-foot DVLED screen “lights up Fifth Avenue for Valley Bank.” Spotlighting what brands must do to stand out, the publication quotes the press announcement stating, “The large-scale signage reflects Valley’s vision to create a branch that stands out in the ultra-competitive New York banking market.” For the signage, Valley Bank partnered with Adrenaline to manage “the installation, content creation, and deployment of the stunning LED display” which provides the foundation of the flagship branch’s digital communication ecosystem.

Covering the announcement, Digital Signage Today quoted Mark Beausoleil, Executive Vice President of Valley Bank, recognizing what a brand spotlight like this will do for the financial institution. He says, “This extraordinary installation will elevate the Valley Bank brand and increase our visibility and awareness in New York City.” The publication also spotlighted Adrenaline’s Group Account Director Jerry Reese and his thoughts on the dynamic visual experience the sign drives. “This flagship branch digital activation includes numerous high-profile elements for engaging customers inside the branch, as well as reaching new prospects outside.”

Launched in 2006, Sixteen: Nine features a unique point-of-view in the digital signage space. Spotlighting the thinking of industry veteran Dave Haynes, the digital publication reaches leaders in the signage space with its distinctive blend of online news and analysis.

The AV Network’s Systems Contractor News is a trade publication advancing the business of sound, video, and electronic systems for more than 25 years.

Since 2007, Digital Signage Today has covered the news, events, trends, technology, and people making waves in the digital signage and digital out-of-home industries.

Be sure to look for a full feature on Valley Bank’s digital signage this Spring in Digital Signage Today, along with a case study on Adrenaline’s work.  

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