Addy Award Goes to Old National Bank of the Future

Adrenaline’s client takes home 2017 American Advertising Silver Award for its “Bank of the Future” experience design

How does a trusted legacy financial brand modernize but still keep their soul? Old National Bank had the epitome of the modern-era challenge – to find a way to balance their digital and physical experiences so they are welcoming to new and long-standing customers alike. With more of their customers conducting transactions in digital channels than ever before, the bank wanted to provide a seamless digital experience, yet they remain a welcoming home for personalized, in-branch solutions.

Through experience design, Old National Bank was able to adapt to changing client demands and attract and keep Millennial customers engaged. The brand understood that attracting Millennials is made more difficult when the word “old” is in their name. So, “Old National Bank” had to become new again. According to the judges of the Addy awards, the brand knocked it out of the park.

Addy Award Goes to Old National Bank of the Future 2

Through implementing the Universal Banker within a purposeful space, Old National Bank seamlessly integrated the right staff and technologies to accommodate a new way of banking. The winning design created a branch experience and environment for today and tomorrow’s banking needs. The design orchestrated digital elements – like signage, content, ITMs, a Tech Bar – into a physical space where a highly trained Universal Banker provides numerous services for today’s bank customer.

the new Old National lobby

The American Advertising Awards is the largest and most prestigious award in the advertising industry with more than 40,000 entries every year. The awards’ mission is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence within the art and practice of advertising.

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