ABA Banking Journal Interviews Adrenaline’s Experts for Large-Scale Digital Signage Feature 

Inside Valley Bank’s contemporary brand beacon: Q&A with Jerry Reese and Rick Barrick on best practices in digital signage

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 – Valley Bank’s large-scale digital signage at their Manhattan flagship branch is back in the spotlight – this time with coverage from the ABA Banking Journal. In the article “Valley Bank’s Colorful, Abstract Sign Concept Announces a Contemporary Brand,” the banking journal highlights a conversation with Valley Bank EVP Mark Beausoleil and Adrenaline’s digital display experts Jerry Reese and Rick Barrick, where they discuss the bank’s signage strategy and explore best practices for all institutions looking to amplify their brand.  

“At the end of 2022, the bank debuted a colorful, curved prototype surface display wall, bringing a bold energy out into the neighborhood,” according to the journal article. Strategic investment in this signage was targeted to ensuring the bank’s high-profile branch would stand out in the ultra-competitive New York banking market. When asked about the visual display as a piece of art for the neighborhood, Mark Beausoleil said making “a bold, artistic statement” helps separate Valley Bank from competitors in this heavily trafficked part of Manhattan. 

I believe customers have a different view of Valley as a result of a more contemporary branch design. We are now viewed as a modern, forward-thinking bank that offers the latest in technology with the same focus on relationship banking.”
Mark Beausoleil, EVP, Director of Retail Banking, Valley Bank 

Adrenaline’s Rick Barrick says financial institutions that make this kind of investment see multiple benefits, including a powerful platform to leverage. “When you start to strategize how you physically treat the space in these high-opportunity areas, the branch really becomes a media channel to engage more passers-by, from a pedestrian or automobile perspective,” he says. “Signage like what Valley Bank installed in their Fifth Avenue flagship allows them to drive a higher number of gross impressions and deliver greater ROI for that branch.”  

To be successful, though, banks must find partners who are experts in both technology, communication and creative that brings signage to life. “Effective deployment requires deep knowledge of tailored technologies that will bring the creative to life, says Adrenaline’s Jerry Reese. “These signage solutions must be visually effective, cost effective and operationally effective.” So it’s not just the design and the concepts that matter, but the physical and technical decisions that go with them that makes a successful signage strategy.” 

Larger scale signage is at the top of the message hierarchy, acting as master signage. It’s almost as a mood ring for the brand and a way to artfully reflect your place in the community.”
Rick Barrick, Senior Director of Digital Programs, Adrenaline 

The conversation also covers how design, art and contemporary styling can impact how bank branches are viewed by customers, as well as space planning and traffic pattern considerations for the function of the branch. For all of the signage insights, read the full article “Valley Bank’s Colorful, Abstract Sign Concept Announces a Contemporary Brand.” The ABA Banking Journal is the flagship magazine of the American Bankers Association and is published bi-monthly. The publication provides analysis, insights and best practices for financial institutions of all sizes.  

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