Workers PlanIt: Making Financial Planning Fun and Rewarding

A best practices snapshot of life-stage engagement via a gamified approach to help real people seeking to do real things with their money


How do you make financial planning engaging, fun and practical for an audience that spans up to four different generations?

That’s what Workers Credit Union partnering with Adrenaline wanted to solve with the development of a new in-branch touch-enabled App that matches up people and products and service categories to make manifest their most ambitious financial dreams. Unlike any other financial planning tool, the Workers PlanIt App bridges the gap between financial education and entertainment.

By focusing in on target audiences – members and potential members – centering who they were and what life stage they’re in and, perhaps even more importantly, what their biggest financial goals are, Workers Credit Union was able to truly connect financial services resources to the needs-states and life-stages of real people seeking to do real things with their money.


Here’s look at the novel approach to financial services.

Goals: Developed with the foundation of an interactive video game, Workers’ PlanIt App prompts are targeted toward revealing and refining results that would be meaningful for each audience member. In service of financial education, the App contains a series of questions for each life cycle a user might be in, matched with categories of service and financial knowledge each of them needs to make their financial dreams come true.

Featuring a gamified approach responding to a user’s financial goals, this life-stage tool ultimately allows people to build a custom financial plan for achieving their dreams. Whether it’s a 65-plus senior focused on retirement, newer families look at buying a bigger home or a young person funding their education or buying their first car, Worker’s PlanIt helps users identify their life-stage and gives them expert financial advice on the next steps they should take to make their dream a reality.

With an in-branch setting, the App is supported by live staff on-site, available to answer users’ financial questions and provide valuable counsel. With a goal that is both utilitarian and aspirational, the output of the App is a plan that users can act on when they’re ready. Designed to ultimately appeal to everyone but with content tailored and targeted to each individual’s unique life-stage, the Worker’s PlanIt App is the first tool of its kind for a financial institution and has been rolled out as a prototype in two locations.

Audience: With reaching members and potential members at various stages of their lives a continued focus for the financial institution, Workers Credit Union focused its efforts on creating meaningful financial education and resources available based on life stage needs. For the PlanIt App, the major focus is on the predominant financial decision makers, which are women age 25-34, more affluent leaning more towards a tech savvy member. With more than 100,000 members, Workers Credit Union serves members with 16 full-service branches, including two prototype PlanIt locations.

Results: The launch was so successful that Workers will be expanding its use of the Workers PlanIt app while opening up two new PlanIt concepts each year for the next five years to expand the new concept and provide a new platform for how Workers plans to engage with their members and prospective members through life stage financial planning.

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