Town & Country Credit Union’s Ads Create Connections with New Audiences

A best practices case study on credit union ads that leverage lifestyle to spark people’s passion – for food, gaming, sports, and pets – and match them to relevant financial products and services

Town & Country Credit Union Digital Marketing Campaign Ad

In an effort to stimulate new engagement, Town & Country Federal Credit Union created new digital marketing ads to connect with new audiences.

Already successful in reaching people looking for financial services through online searches, the new programmatic ads widen and deepen the credit union’s reach and footprint, positioning them as an ideal financial services provider by tapping into people’s passion through this innovative marketing campaign.

Made for audiences who identify with certain lifestyle aspirations – be they Foodies, Gamers, Sports Fans, or Pet Lovers – the programmatic ad campaign takes digital engagement beyond search to help the credit union spur interest and create connections in the burgeoning lifestyle space. These visually striking ads have immediate appeal to the audiences they are seeking with their youthful representation and curated content, relevant to the lifestyle they’re appealing to.

Data Built Advertising

Demonstrating that Town & Country Federal Credit Union sees their audiences, the programmatic lifestyle ads are based on and built out of data. As an outgrowth of the attributes found in data analytics, the campaign would be both aspirational and affirmation. Going beyond member marketing and general awareness and presence, these ads were targeted to generate interest and attention among non-members. With a goal of sparking interest and acquisition, the credit union’s marketing campaign sought specific measures demonstrating success with new and younger audiences.

Ultimately, Town & Country Federal Credit Union wanted to improve conversions – connecting consumers with products like mortgages and consumer loans specifically tied to their lifestyle affinity needs. The team wanted to double impact among new audiences previously unaware of Town & Country Federal Credit Union and realize a 25% increase in younger audience reach. Lastly, the team sought to see performance meet or exceed industry standards with advertising engagement and drive a million impressions during the ad run, from January through March of 2020.

Town & Country Federal Credit Union Ads

Unique Audiences

With the rise of big banks trying to go deeper into local markets and competitor credit unions increasing their branding and marketing sophistication, Town & Country Federal Credit Union is going beyond traditional banking models and investing heavily in member engagement in order to break ahead of the competition. The second-largest credit union in Maine, Town & Country is focused on creative ways to engage with new audiences as it expands its member base.

Focused on unique audience attributes, these credit union ads stand out and above advertising by competing financial organizations. The target audience consists of adult members and non-members between 28-41 years old in the Portland and Southern Maine area. With a robust offering of banking products, the credit union demonstrates its mission to building solid, long-term relationships with its members and putting members first. These programmatic ads are backed up by a range of personalized banking products and services customized to help members achieve their financial goals.

Credit Union Ads for Town & Country Credit Union

New Campaign, New Engagement

With the rise of convenience and the younger generation, Town & Country Federal Credit Union rose to the occasion to show they are as progressive and modern as the members they serve. The campaign garnered more than 3 million impressions, with a 272% increase in reaching new audiences who did not know about Town & Country Federal Credit Union and a 54% increase in reaching a younger audience. The campaigns performed at 5x’s the industry benchmark standard.

Further, Town & Country Federal Credit Union realized a 14% increase in membership website visits; a 15% overall increase in site traffic; a 60% increase in traffic to personal loan pages; and a 76% increase in reaching new audiences in towns of Biddeford, Saco, Lewiston, and Yarmouth. And in the month of April, the credit union saw 58% of their web traffic from new visitors.

Credit Union Ads for Town & Country Credit Union

Advertising Achievement

Town & Country Federal Credit Union had already been very successful in implementing digital ads and search campaigns for audiences searching for financial products, as well as reaching audiences familiar with their brand. In an effort to expand their marketing strategies, Adrenaline created new campaign content and implemented programmatic ads that introduce Town & Country to new audiences who were not previously aware of them, identifying categories of audiences to engage in a fun, playful way.

Adrenaline successfully integrated this programmatic ad campaign as part of an overarching funnel that drives awareness, engagement, and consideration across a mix of digital marketing channels. By adding the “top of the funnel” and intersecting content in an upbeat, creative way with new audiences the campaign expanded the footprint and influence of Town & Country Federal Credit Union.

Credit Union Marketing Advertisement

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