Credit Union of Texas: Creating a Texas-Sized Toolkit

Our work with Credit Union of Texas touched a wide range of branch types, from full service, express, micro and ATM formats, as well as tiers of renovation and construction.


We redefined the interior and exterior experience and optimized our program for future market expansion as well as existing location renovations.

One Design, Multiple Applications

After our team established the look and feel for Credit Union of Texas’ prototype branch, the task was bringing this idea to life at its high-profile, new-build flagship on a prominent corner in a trendy Dallas neighborhood. Additionally, the drive-thru presented a challenge. An adjacent drive-thru meant the interior teller line must be placed in close proximity to the window to create shared resources. It created a dramatic restriction to the interior layout, limiting opportunities with the space’s primary retail windows. 

Extending the Invitation 

Our goal was to detach the drive-thru from the building, using ITMs, allowing us to free-up the retail windows for outwardly projecting elements. For the interior, we wanted to establish a contemporary flagship, with modern, inviting retail windows that were also warm and earthy. Inside, we positioned interior offices to project outward, each illuminated with bold colors to create a striking visual experience. 


Right-Sized for Every Branch

Defining a branch program isn’t as simple as a single location. To right-size Credit Union of Texas’ program, we went both backward and forward. Backward by creating modular, tierable and flexible elements to outfit existing locations. Forward by defining formats and executions for future new-builds. We recommended the order and chronology of locations so we could define the preferred versions and then build out all of the tiers of application throughout the branch network.


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