America First Credit Union: A Live Lab Putting Innovation First

With 120+ locations, implementing new technologies, process and features was a challenge for America First Credit Union.


America First Credit Union turned to us to deliver the concept of a living, working lab to test ideas and gain feedback before anything was rolled out across their network.

Testing. Testing. One, Two, Three

America First wanted to engage their membership and community in an ongoing conversation to redefine financial services and the credit union experience. This was accomplished by showcasing current innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the form of an Innovation Center that would aggregate live, ongoing feedback and input. We were tapped to define the space from conceptualization through design development, and to consult with their existing partners to make the Innovation Center a reality.

Not Just Fancy, Functional

Driving retail foot traffic was critical to success, and a big factor in acquiring the high-end retail location. Beyond the typical day-to-day retail activities and configurations, the space needed the flexibility to host educational seminars and various community events that further increased awareness. This was not a typical “store of the future” project. They understood that change is a relentless force that provides as many opportunities as challenges. While complete future-proofing is impossible, we put considerable thought and planning into how to accommodate as much flexibility as possible, allowing ongoing innovation to continue.

America First 2

Make Innovation Fun

One-third laboratory, one-third event space and one-third working credit union, America First’s Innovation Center continues to provide value as a beacon within the community and billboard for the credit union’s brand. With a genuine and authentic interest in engaging the community in a conversation about the future, the project has been a public relations coup, garnering an explosion of press both inside and outside of the financial industry, while positions America First as an industry thought leader that is helping to shape the future of financial services.

Amerrica First 2
America First 3
America First 4
America First 5

Where Form Meets Function, and Blows You Away

Using experience mapping, 3D modeling, interior design, and digital content creation, we delivered a unique and cutting-edge experience. The floor plan configuration provides the flexible space they need. Digital messaging and interactive interfaces add additional layers to the multi-sensory experience, and the concept of the Innovation Center provides a venue to socialize change as part of their process for managing their network over time. 

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